Wedding locations are pretty hard to come by if you have a specific theme in mind and when you are planning one of the most important days of your life it is understandable you want everything to be perfect. However, newly wed David and Claire Llewellyn found a perfect match in The Banking Hall at Portland House for their vintage themed wedding as it had all of the character, colour and opulence to suit the composition of their day.

The Banking Hall was dressed to a very high standard and perfectly matched their theme because they remembered three important room dressing design musts.

1. Simple details work better than bold statements

There were many great trinkets of detail throughout the room on the day, however a design choice we loved and wanted to share with anyone planning a similar theme was the simple colour scheme. Firstly the layout of the room included round tables with an ivory choice in tablecloth, seat cover and napkin. This complemented the backdrop of the venue and the small details on each of the tables in such an elegant manner.

Colour is quite often regimented on wedding days for the bridesmaids, chair bows and table runners to name only a few things however for a vintage look it is the extra details that make a room come alive and fit a specific theme. These details come in the form of extra decor like flowers, ornaments and of course, the table centre-pieces. However, these details can be lost if you choose to have bright and bold coloured features in the room. Remember, a blank canvas will always be better to add colour to than one that has already been painted.

2. Centre pieces shouldn't be exactly the same

Typically at wedding receptions your guests will spend a lot of time sat at their table. So it makes sense to take a lot of time and attention in choosing the right decoration. For a vintage wedding, a clear colour pallette of muted pinks, whites and purples usually work well, especially for the flowers. David and Claire went a step further and used renewed, chic bird cages to display their florets and even small tree trunk cuttings to hold decorative vases.

Everyone's table was different and had its own unique centre piece whilst still befitting the vintage style. It meant the room didn't look regimented with each table looking exactly the same. The benefit of this is that the room has many points of interest for your guests and provides each group with their own dining experience.

3. If you have a theme, stick to it

Vintage themes are all about renewing the old and bringing life to forgotten decorative gems and as you can see below this was captured perfectly on each of the guests' tables. However it would have looked out of place to have included contemporary decorations. So whilst it may be tempting to include that digital photo frame or centre-piece inspired by modern art, always have your theme at the front of your mind. For vintage weddings, you usually see a lot of sepia coloured items which appear to have some age to them. Just look below to see what we mean. 

Attention to detail is an overused saying in wedding planning, however when settling on a specific theme it is undoubtedly an important concept. 

Portland House has an in-house team of experienced events planners with key contacts with amazing wedding suppliers to help you with your day. Available to hire as a wedding ceremony venue or a wedding reception venue in Cardiff, we offer The Banking Hall at one of the most competitive rates in the capital.

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