In house catering launches for portland house offices

Food For Thought launches in Portland House, bringing you delicious food right to your desk. 

Banking hall floor gets a new lease of life

The carpet has been ripped up and pulled back to reveal  original 1920's flooring.

Jamaican Reggae legend set to perform April 5

Reggae music producer Lee 'Scratch' Perry is coming to perform on the stage of Portland House in Cardiff.

Take a look in this box we found from the late 40's

While feeding through some wires in the ceiling, we found this dusty old box. See what we found inside.


Portland House's new concierge

We're more than excited to welcome a new friendly face to Portland House. You may have noticed our new concierge Belinda who now works with us full time and shares split shifts with John on the reception desk (don't worry John is still with us Mon-Tues!).

Belinda is also our new building manager and is based on Fourth floor Mon - Tues. Should you need any assistance with your office, or help with maintenance issues, please contact Belinda either physically on reception or at (Email) + (Phone). 

For any news, updates or questions you have, please contact the Statement at


Out with the new and in with the OLD

It’s been a long wait, but our banking hall floor is gradually on the road to recovery. You’ve probably been poking your head around the door a few times and wondering what's going on. Our plans are to restore the original 1920’s parquet flooring and bring it back to its former glory.

All of this bespoke flooring was hiding under a grey carpet and was very damaged. Throughout the the process there have been a few hurdles to overcome and we apologise for the inconvenience whilst the floor has been under construction. Keep a look out on our Facebook for further updates.



Lee 'Scratch' Perry set to bring the reggae roots back to old 'Tiger Bay' 

Reggae legend and dub pioneer Lee Scratch Perry brings his unique flavour of Caribbean inspired lyrics and beats to the former hub for live music in Cardiff Bay.

Sitting rather pretty in the shadows of former live music meccas The Point and the Coal Exchange, Portland House attempts to reawaken the spirit for live music in the area.

Having not seen the musical ramblings of Lee Scratch Perry for 3 years, we are very excited to open up our Banking Hall for what will be an amazing evening of music. With support from Nakesha Esnard and Stephen Russell, tickets are already selling quickly.

For those interested in coming, tickets are available from our ticket hub.



'Food For Thought' is now live online! Order hot & cold food straight to your desk

Great food, delivered right to your desk – our new Food For Thought catering supplier for Portland House Offices.

Let’s be honest if you’ve been working in the Bay for longer than a month you’ll understand the pain of trying to find something to eat, that’s quick and tastes good. You’ve exhausted all ideas and Tesco just doesn’t cut it anymore - even magic wrap has now become a bore after spending £5+ on a hot wrap.

So we had a thought. Why couldn’t we serve food which is ordered online then delivered straight to your desk? It’s probably not promoting the best health plan, but it will definitely save you the hassle of braving the cold, wet and windy weather.

Food for thought is cooked fresh on the day and all of our food is shown on the chalkboards in concierge, ranging from a filled baguette to a hot jacket potato.

Special Offers

Every Friday we have kitchen specials and our ‘Fish ‘n’ Chip’ dish last week completely sold out! In the weeks ahead we have many more plans for different food options. So keep an eye out on the specials board!



Charity Run Event Staffroom Education

We caught up with Staffroom Education this month to find out more about what they do and their latest charity challenge. Last month on the 25th February Staffroom employees, Michael McVeigh and Ajaz Mozher cycled 400 miles in four days to raise money for the fantastic Shelter Cymru. The challenge was to cycle from the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, leaving on Wednesday 25th February to arrive at the Stade de France, Paris, in time to take their seat for the game.

They've done an amazing job so far and have raised a total of £2991, but you can still donate to help them reach their target of £4500. Have a read of our interview before the event with Hannah Tuck, employee at Staffroom Education. 

1.       Tell us about the 'Ride to Rugby' charity cycle ride and the inspiration behind it?

On Wednesday 25th February, the boys set off on a journey from Cardiff to Paris. This 360 mile journey is all being done by bike in aid of the fantastic charity Shelter Cymru. Every day they will ride at least 70 miles to reach the State de France in time for the 6 nations kick off on Saturday, so fingers crossed they arrive in one piece. The inspiration behind it was simple, we wanted to do something big and extremely challenging, that made a difference. The boys felt that by pushing themselves to the limit we were showing how passionate we were about helping people on our doorstep, plus they are able to tick something of the bucket list, so it was always going to be a win, win.

2. What preparation have Michael and Ajaz done for such a gruelling ride? Are they experienced cyclists or is this something new to them?

Completely new. It was definitely fun watching the boys train. You don’t often get to see your manager face plant off a bicycle, so it’s been incredible to witness the dedication. The build-up for all of us has been just as exciting as the ride, Mike and Ajaz have literally been like kids in a sweet shop when it comes to choosing new cycling gear, they’ve definitely put us girls to shame on the online shopping front (there’s no comfort over fashion here!)

3. How are the guys planning on getting back? Don't tell me it's on their bikes!

No, no bikes, I think the wheels will be taking a backseat for a while after they’ve finished. They’ve decided to fly back so they’ll be home before we know it!

4. How are the other Staff Room Education team getting involved?

Both Catrin and I have been rounding up the troops via social media to spread the word. There’s been plenty of pictures, videos and posts flying around and we’ve been collecting donations here, there and everywhere. We’ve also created a ‘Team Staffroom’ group so that we can spur the boys on as the ride continues, probably best that we don’t mention how comfy and warm we are though?

5. Tell Portland House tenants a little bit more about yourselves and what it is the business does on a day to day basis.

We’re an agency that specialises in recruiting teaching and support staff for Secondary schools throughout the whole of Wales. Our team is made up of four individuals, and we work closely with all of our clients and candidates (as well as each other) every single day. It really is great, Staffroom is only a year and a half old and already we feel like we’ve achieved so much. All of us believe that we should constantly think outside of the box when it comes to standing out, it started with a bleached Hulk Hogan moustache last year (don’t ask, or see the hilarious pictures on our Facebook for details) and now the boys are officially on their way to Paris. It’s fantastic to think whilst we’re benefiting the education sector, we’re loving what we do.


Any additional donations can be sent to….


DARK corners: look what we found in this box while venturing through the ceilings of the banking hall

There are many unknown spaces in Portland House and we found something much more interesting than last issue's boiler room. Our tenant who has a music studio in the vaults was wiring in new cables in the access hatch above the chandeliers, when he came across a strange package. The box was dusty, and had pieces of paper hanging out of the top. After some shuffling about, the contents of the box was revealed. Newspapers, cigarette boxes and sections of old boxes from the late 1940s were packed tightly in. Take a look below.

 Although the newspaper is very soiled some articles are still readable. The date on the paper reads the year 1949. 

Although the newspaper is very soiled some articles are still readable. The date on the paper reads the year 1949. 

  Showing its age: Advert reads "Mow your lawn by electricity. The 'Ladybird' Mower. Powered by electricity (just plug it in) simple and safe as a vacuum cleaner, and weighs only 15lbs. "NO GRASS BOX, NO RAKING, NO SWEEPING" We sense a 'Flymo' in the air.

Showing its age: Advert reads "Mow your lawn by electricity. The 'Ladybird' Mower. Powered by electricity (just plug it in) simple and safe as a vacuum cleaner, and weighs only 15lbs. "NO GRASS BOX, NO RAKING, NO SWEEPING" We sense a 'Flymo' in the air.

  Cigarette packets from the 20s - 60s still in good condition, if not a little dusty.  

Cigarette packets from the 20s - 60s still in good condition, if not a little dusty.  

Did you see us in S4C's Gwaith Cartref last month?

That's right, we've made our debut appearance in this month's series of Gwaith Cartref and we hardly even recognised the bank vaults - apart from the signature yellow cages. You'll see the vaults dressed as a grungy poker den with several characters sat around a table deep in thought. This can be found in the scene starting at timecode 39:32 all the way up until 43:41. Towards the end of the clip you'll also recognise the external pillars on the outside of the building with the view from West Bute Street. Take a look below -