Our interview this month is with Michelle Morgan, a spiritualist medium who has many years of experience.  She says that she’s not like most mediums that launch straight into the story of ‘how they always knew they would work with spirit and how they were gifted from an early age’. Michelle’s story was unexpected, as she began connecting with spirits after one simple train journey...

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Now, before we jump straight in, here’s a brief definition of a Spiritualist Medium:

A medium is a person who Spiritualists believe is able to see, hear or sense beings in the spirit world. They carry messages from the spirit world, to this world. The ability of mediums is said to be the result of enhanced natural powers, not supernatural gifts.

To become a medium, Spiritualists say you have to develop a high level of sensitivity and understanding of yourself, and to some extent control the mind. Mediums usually go into a meditative state in order to shut out the everyday world.

Our interview with Michelle is prior to her Evening of Clairvoyance next month at Portland House.

1) First of all what is it you do and what should we expect to see from your show on the 24th October?

I am a spiritualist medium and I work directly with spirits who will give me information for people who are there on the event night. I conduct experiments with people who are willing to help me on the evening as well as making links from the spirit world from music, jewellery and angel cards.

2) How does having your show in a 1920s banking hall with lots of history add to the atmosphere of the event?

I most definitely think the 1920's hall and its architecture will add to the whole experience of the evening. I hope it will add an air of atmosphere for everyone. We’ll have to wait and see!


 Portland House's 1920's Banking Hall looking empty with original architecture 

Portland House's 1920's Banking Hall looking empty with original architecture 

3) We also have an underground vault that’s been here since the 20’s, do you think there could be a presence there?

[Laughs] I have no idea, I would have to see the vault to feel if there is spirit presence and spend some time down there, but I would think so.


4) How will the audience/ participants be able to interact with you at the event?

I love having people from the audience help me with my experiments. My favourite is performing the human pendulum, where I can ask spirit to make them move backwards and forwards or side to side so they can feel it for themselves – this experiment is great with non believers!

5) In what ways will your event differ and stand out to the rest in Cardiff?

I enjoy pushing boundaries and doing new things. If spirits give more to me, I often do impromptu things. Everything in my work is an experiment and sometimes blows my mind. On occasions it doesn’t work, but that’s the whole fun of it, showing everyone I am human and the spirit world is in control of it all.

6) What has been your most memorable reading/ spiritual contact in the past?

I worked once at the Cardiff Scrum 5 Lounge in the BBC Studios and was asked about a situation where the police had been involved and I gave information to a lady who confirmed that only her and the police had this information and no-one else did.  I have also been involved in some high profile cases that have featured on the news. It was a huge pleasure to have helped bring comfort and proof to all parties involved.

7) What is it that motivates you? Do you have any personal inspirations?

My motivation is that I thrive from helping people and I love to be able to uplift and help anyone who needs it the most. In fact, one of the things I ask of spirit world before I go on stage is that they put the words into my mouth. This is so I can speak those words and they can show me how I need to explain compassion love and empathy. If I manage to bring joy to one person in the room during a show, that is an achievement. It is also important in my shows to prove life is ever eternal and that we live on after death.

8) After many years experience have you seen any modern themes which you think could reappear in your show?

 I am always updating and looking for new ways to show people how spirits work , like I said I am always open to suggestions and like to try new things. I often try things on the hop while explaining to the audience it may or may not work!

9) What would be your ‘perfect’ outcome with an audience?

My perfect outcome with audience is to give as many messages as I can and also have lots of laughter and fun along the way.

10) What instructions do you give to a new client who’s about to have a reading?

I open the end of my show up to questions and answers and welcome any questions and will try to answer them as honestly as I can with the help of my spirit team. Obviously I do not predict the lotto number, or I would be in Barbados!

11) What are your plans after this event? Are there any events coming up in Cardiff?

I am working shows and charity events right up until Christmas and I am supporting the Bullies Out charity in Cardiff in The Wharf on 27th Oct.

Michelle has been touring across South Wales and will be arriving with us at Portland House in Cardiff Bay on the 24th October. The event will take place within the wonderful historical surroundings of our 1920's Banking Hall. We’re ready for a night of marvel and wonder, are you?

Tickets to the event are on sale now:

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