Your wedding should be one of the happiest days of your life, but after hearing everyone tell you that the wedding venue is the most important thing to arrange, it begins to take priority over everything else. Here’s a few tips to get you going with organising your special day.

What venue fits the bill?

First of all, you need to decide what kind of venue you are looking for, and what kind of surroundings fit best to your specifications. The choice is yours and finding the right place with everything on your check list will take time, but will be worth it.

Would you fancy getting married in a castle, football stadium, hotel, a historic building or even a zoo? Be specific about what kinds of architecture and style you want; do you want an old Georgian ballroom hall with large corniced ceilings and glass chandeliers, or do you want the modern town hall with monochrome glossy finishes and spotlights?

How many guests will be attending?

Knowing how many guests will arrive to your reception is crucial when selecting a venue. You want your guests to feel comfortable and not be touching elbows when eating their meals. Important points to be considered are the size of the venue and the capacity which it can hold. A space can look very large when it’s empty, but with the wedding essentials like tables, chairs, a bar, a buffet and a dancefloor area, it can start to become cramped. Taking a look at another wedding being held in the venue can be useful, to get an idea of space.

What’s your budget?

Make sure that when selecting what facilities you want, that they are within budget and are the best price on the market. Make a spreadsheet of all your outgoing costs and ask yourself:

·         “What can I actually afford for my wedding”
·         “Will I actually use it”
·         “Is it worth it”

Probably the most important point here is, ‘Is it worth it’ and if the answer’s no, then don’t buy it. Those £250 shoes could be better spent on something more worthwhile like food and drink or comfier chairs to sit on for your guests.

Finding the right accommodation

It’s a good idea to check in advance whether your venue provides accommodation, or whether there are hotels or B&B’s nearby. If the area is secluded and not connected to good transport links or roads, you may have some unhappy guests. Take a look online or view the venue before making any decisions. Parking is another factor that needs to be considered, if not parking then some kind of shuttle bus between the ceremony and the reception.

Be sure to know what else is happening

Make sure your reception isn't going to clash with any other big events on that day. Having extra traffic and congestion around the venue could cause your guests some problems or even make them late.

And of course, make sure that there isn't another wedding happening at the same time as yours!